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Shop Santiago for specialty Arabica coffee, coffee beans, ground coffee, Nespresso capsule coffee, drip coffee with a variety of flavours; Bourbon, Pacamara, Caturra.

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    Nespresso Pods

    Our Nespresso pods are earth friendly and biodegradable so you can enjoy your coffee even more ☕ 🙂

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    Medium body coffee with caramel sweetness and notes of honey, nuts and stone fruit. Enjoy black or with a touch of milk.

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    Pacamara Honey

    Full bodied coffee with brown sugar sweetness, tones of malty chocolate and cocoa. Best with a touch of milk.

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    Caturra Natural

    Well rounded coffee with notes of sweet chocolate and spice, nuts with hints of melon fruit. Enjoy black or with a touch of milk.

  • Coffee Beans

    Pacamara Natural

    Creamy bodied coffee with intense aroma & sweetness, fruit notes of orange, peach & melon, smooth and tasty.

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    Sample Set

    Our sample set includes Pacamara Honey, Bourbon and Caturra (3x150g). Great for variety or to find your favourite flavour.