Caturra Natural


Well rounded coffee with notes of sweet chocolate and spice, nuts with hints of melon fruit. Enjoy black or with a touch of milk.

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Stack of coffee beansWe have imported Caturra Natural from Santa Leticia farm which is dried differently to our normal Caturra option. With coffee that is dried Natural, more human intervention is required. The coffee farmers need to select quality cherries manually and sort them separately from the rest. The coffee cherries are laid out in the sun to dry and once dried the coffee bean is extracted. This extended contact between the coffee seed and fruit layers results in a much fruitier flavoured coffee.

Caturra is a natural mutation of Bourbon, a sub-species of the gourmet Arabica coffee plant. The Caturra varietal was first found in the town of Caturra in Brazil but was further developed for wide-spread cultivation. It’s a much more resilient coffee plant and adapts well to almost any environment between 1200 and 1750 meters above sea level.

At higher altitudes quality increases, which is why we source Caturra high in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountains in the Northwest corner of El Salvador (near Guatemala). Generally this varietal shows a more citric acidity like lemon and lime notes and is distinguished by its bright acidity and low-to-medium body. However, it has less clarity and sweetness than its parent, Bourbon.

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Weight 0.5-1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 19-24 × 275-33.5 cm

Excellent (86)


Chocolate & Spice








Santa Leticia


Apaneca, Ilamatepec


1400m – 1700m above sea level (masl)

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