About Santiago Brothers

Santiago Brothers was formed out of a desire to bring Central American food and vibrant culture to Australia. We are brothers who were born in El Salvador but have lived in Australia, Brisbane for 30 odd years and have long believed that tastes of Salvadorean food has been missing from Australian taste buds.

We grew up in a small town called Santiago Texacuangos, where our family owned a store which always inspired us to start something here in Australia, why we are trading as Santiago, a little piece of El Salvador here in Australia.

There is plenty to offer and not just in food but also in many types of drinks available which are delicious but wanted to start with what Australians need to wake up – coffee. El Salvador was amongst the most popular coffee in the world pre civil war in the 80s and only now has it started to recover from the impacts of war and we saw this as a perfect chance to introduce the smooth and tasty flavours of El Salvador who is amongst the best exporters of coffee in the world.

We spent many months looking for the right coffee farm that produces high quality coffee beans, strictly high grown and shade grown, and who can service coffee around the world consistently. We found Santa Leticia coffee farm was best suited to our needs due to it’s coffee growing standards and consistently high quality beans but also because of it’s well known history and background, we are confidant our partnership will flourish.

Our ultimate goal is set up a successful Central American coffee shop where on entry you will experience El Salvador’s lively atmosphere, food, music, culture and of-course a great cup of coffee. On our journey we want to work with like minded businesses that want to promote Central American coffee or offer their customers a quality cup of coffee – your success is our success 🙂

If you would like to know more about us or what we could offer please contact us on 0403 537 819 or alternatively fill in the form below with your questions and we will get back to you promptly, muchas gracias.